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"The firms—which also include Betterment, Personal Capital, FutureAdvisor, SigFig Wealth Management and Motif Investing—also can vary significantly in the amount of hands-on assistance they provide and in the services they offer."

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services[edit]

Vanguard's robo model provides investors a financial plan, asset allocation, ongoing monitoring and rebalancing, and performance forecasting for 0.3% of portfolio assets annually. The service “typically recommends” Vanguard mutual and exchange-traded funds as investments to clients, according to a company brochure.

Charles Schwab[edit]


Schwab's retail offering will include no management fee, commissions or account service fees. The company will earn revenue on the investment and banking products recommended in the accounts. Many of the online startups charge under 35 basis points annually.

This should raise red flags!



  • 0.35% fee if <$10,000 ($0-35, with $100/month auto-deposit)
  • 0.25% fee if <$100,000 ($25-250)
  • 0.15% fee if >$100,000 ($150)