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A gas grill is an delicious, cheap way to cook food.

Propane Tank Capacity[edit]

I purchased:		15 lbs of propane
			$55 ($60 w/tax) without deposit
can refill:		$22 (@ CVS)
TW (tare weight): 	16.6 lbs
after first use:		31.6 lbs (15 lbs remain)
other markings:	DT-4.0		WC-47.6 lbs 'WC' stands for 'Water Capacity' - how much water it can hold! 47.8lb WC will hold 20lbs propane!

In our first grilling, we hardly used any propane! How long will 15lbs of propane last? "A heating value of 91,600 BTU/gal (21,600 BTU/lb) is the commonly accepted value presented by the American Gas Association."

Blue Rhino[edit]

Refund for Blue Rhino?

"Blue Rhino is not only installing OPD valves, they are installing their OWN proprietary OPD valves, called Tri-Safe II valves. You can identify a TSII valve by the little triangular indentation on the side of the valve. In order to get flow IN to a TS2 valve, a magnetic key must be inserted into the indentation to hold a steel ball out of the way."

Propane in Berkeley[edit]

Alliance Welding Supplies

Kmart lists Blue Rhino tank exchanges for $17:!/

Orchard Supply Hardware 1025 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 540-6638

Cylinder - $37

Blue Rhino exchange - $22

full cylinder - $50


Home Depot new cylinder - $33