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Once you've maxed out your IRA and employer sponsored plans and you're already saving a decent amount in a taxable brokerage account, consider adding a few percent of a nontraditional investment. They can be fun and may offer returns that are uncorrelated with or larger than the stock market's returns, but they often have hidden systematic risks. Be careful out there!

Nontraditional Investments on


Accredited investors only!


Accredited investors only!

Lending Club[edit]

Alternative Energy Crowdfunding[edit]


SolarCity Solar Bonds

1 year - 2.0% 2 year - 2.5% 3 year - 3.0% 5 year - 4.0% 10 year - 5.0% 15 year - 5.75% $1000 increments

"According to PV Tech, like Mosaic (which had received over $5.6 million from more than 2,500 investors by November 2013), claims to offer careful project review and interest on investments at a higher rate than currently offered by banks. (Projected annual rates of return for solar crowdfund investors typically run between about 4.5% and 10%.)"

"Both companies have so far limited their business to solar investment in US projects. Sunfunder, which is not approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, funds solar projects outside the US. Sunfunder can accept investments all over the world, but cannot return interest."

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