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Personal Finance 101 - Sheet Graphs illustrating tax-advantaged plans, compound interest, and the classic FI expense replacement graph.

|B$C| Real Estate My real estate Rent vs. Buy graph projector and grapher.

|B$C| Financial Independence Generation of the classic FI Expense Replacement graph.

|B$C| Idealized SimVestment

|B$C| SimVestment

|B$C| SimVestment 2.0

A massive sheet that simulates historical S&P500 investment returns.

|B$C| Economics Sheet A variety of calculations on Social Security, inflation, &etc.

|B$C| Credit Card Debt Calculator A calculator for showing how long it can take to pay off a credit card.

|B$C| Mango Money A calculator for use with the Mango Money high-yield savings account.


|B$C| Grocery Shopping Grocery shopping price-per-unit comparator.

|B$C| Funds, ETFs, and Brokerages A database of information on index funds from Vanguard, Fidelity, and Schwab.

|B$C| Credit Card Cashback Quarterly cashback categories for major rewards credit cards.

|B$C| FI Blog Archive Archive of the posts from several popular finance blogs.

|B$C| UC Berkeley Graduate Tuition and Registration Fees Graph of UC Berkeley's graduate tuition and fees over time.

|B$C| UC Berkeley Undergraduate Tuition and Registration Fees Graph of UC Berkeley's undergraduate tuition and fees over time.

|B$C| 401(k) Investment Options Investment options offered by several large companies that I've been asked to look at.


|B$C| Expense Agreement Template Expense agreement template sheet.

|B$C| Household Expenses Template Household expense tracker template sheet.

|B$C| Grocery List A sheet for making a quick grocery shopping list.

|B$C| Reimbursements - ChemE 2011 A simple sheet for doing grad school reimbursements.


|B$C| Finance Sheet My main financial information sheet.

|B$C| Investment Sheet Archive An archive of my investment transactions.

|B$C| Finance Archive A mess of obsolete sheets.

|B$C| Transactions Archive An archive of transactions exported from Mint.

|B$C| FI Projections An unfinished sheet that projects my current financial situation into the future.