High-Yield Savings Accounts

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Mango Money[edit]

https://www.mangomoney.com/ https://www.mangomoney.com/simple-fees

"No need to wait to start saving. Once you activate and load your Mango Card, you can open a Savings Account with as little as $1 and get up to 6.00%APY†. You can enjoy up to 6 free transfers out each month."

"We believe that the amazing 6.00% is our contribution to improving our customers’ finances, and building a better America. Once customers have savings in excess of $5k, they have the tools and have established the right habits."

"The money you have in your prepaid card and in your savings account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000."

"You can use your Mango Card anywhere Mastercard debit is accepted, including ATMs, retail stores and for secure online shopping."

"You qualify as enrolling in FREE Direct Deposit Service when you complete two Direct Deposits totaling $50.00 within 90 days of opening your account. Your account will be credited (a $20 bonus) within 30 days of full enrollment."

"Earn 6.00% APY† with Mango Savings™ if you're enrolled in Mango's Direct Deposit Service
Earn 2.00% APY† with Mango Savings™ if you're NOT enrolled in Mango's Direct Deposit Service
Earn 0.10% APY† on the portion of your balance over $5,000
Open your Savings Account today:

Open account with as little as $1
Up to 6 transfers out each month
Check your balance 24/7 from your mobile phone**
Transfer money using your mobile phone or our website**"
  • Monthly Subscription Fee - $3
  • ATM Withdrawal - $2 + ATM fees


"After all said and done, taking into account the initial $5,000 plus a $5 per month deposit and the $3 monthly fee, you end up getting a 5.2% yield. That’s $260/year with the Mango card compared to $50/year if you leave your $5,000 and the $5/month in a regular “high yield” savings account that pays 1%."

First Bank and Trust, routing number - 114994196

Union Prepaid[edit]


"Earn up to 5.10% APY with our High-Yield Savings Account"

"The APY advertised applies only to the portion of your savings account balance, which is $5,000.00 or less; or 2.00% if you are not on Direct Deposit. An APY of 0.10% will be paid on the portion of your savings account balance that exceeds $5,000.00."

"Union Plus Prepaid Card: 5% Savings Account FDIC Insured

If you liked Mango Prepaid card with its 6% savings account (4.6% after taking into account idle cash) but you wished you could put in more than $5,000, here’s another one that does pretty much the same thing.

It’s called Union Plus prepaid debit card. It’s run by the same parent company as Mango, just marketed through a different channel with a slightly different configuration."

"Like Mango, you open the savings account after you get the prepaid card. The savings account pays 5.1% APY for balance up to $5,000. Balance over $5,000 earns 0.1%. You must have recurring deposit into the card in order to keep the 5.1% rate on the savings account. I’m not clear how much in recurring deposit is needed but $50/month will probably do, as in Mango."

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